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Our Team - Longevity4All

Hacking life to its core!
Hacking life to its core!
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Our Strength

We are a group of friends from different professional walks who wish to contribute something good to the society.
Vijay Bhasker Yetapu
Founder of VChangeU. His area of expertise is to promote longevity of life through innovative  and creative approaches. His research addresses motivational processes  involved in healthy living across the life span.
Having over 20 years of critical thinking  experience in a consulting, management, corporate role in IT and over 10 years in non-profit leadership.

Sobharam Madaka
Creative Head at VChangeU. Having over 22 years of experience in Creative Arts and Architecture.
He believes creativity of any individual can open the doors to solve the problems in a different perspective by fusing the creative thinking with innovative idea.  When we define a social problem with concept he comes up with Creative Art work to make it more impactful.
Vice-President at VChangeU. He is a Creative artist with over 10 years experience presently working  for an Animation studio. He is passionate about social services inspired  from his father he used to visit several orphanage homes to play with  the children to learn and share the knowledge with them.
He started  contributing to the causes prior to his work life. He is been an active  member of VChangeU from day one.
Students & Youth
Students and young people are our top priority, they are the active force in execution of our programs and activities. Students have always been at the forefront of social change they are not just the tomorrow's future, they must be the leaders of today. They have the energy, passion, ideas, and courage to deliver the action play if we script it.
We at VChangeU educate, support, and mobilize a generation of young leaders to solve critical community problems to create enduring change and unleash their potential as ChangeMakers and Change Agents of tomorrow.
Where we are:
Hyderabad, India
An initiative by VChangeU
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