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Hacking life to its core!
Hacking life to its core!
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Our research addresses motivational processes involved in healthy living across the life span.

Healthy ageing can reduce the poverty by reducing the healthcare costs. Since many people spend last decade of their lives in pain and misery combating diseases and lose their lifetime savings in healthcare services in the hope of recovery and well-being.

Our framework is based on evidence-based approaches that are acceptable, adoptable and affordable to every section of the society. We believe that longevity can’t be achieved by breakthroughs in the medical laboratories, it all depends on how we live our lives.

Health is not just about hospitals, X-rays, CT or MRI scans and medicines. At the dawn of the next century we must ensure that health issues emerge and remain as a major area of national and international concern and action. Our area of expertise is to promote longevity of life through innovative and creative approaches.

Looking forward to shaping the future of Healthcare through spirit of service and community participation by encouraging sustainable way of living. We have built a simplified approach towards sustainable living that can be amplified to reach out larger section of the society.

Longevity4All will promote healthy ageing through simple lifestyles changes for longevity of life.

We are the first true non-profit in India to work on longevity of life through preventive approaches, we believe that our research will be a benchmark for non-profit organisations to do things differently for achieving bigger impact.

From past years all our activities and projects executed were self-funded without any external funding to build a confidence in non-profit sector, that change can be delivered without depending on funds. To us success is service and its impact.

Most of our activities are planned with innovative and creative approach. We believe that with dedication and passion fused with creative abilities we can delivers better outcomes irrespective of our qualifications.
At VChangeU, we identify the problems and find solutions through creative approaches. We will continue to be more proactive in solving social problems in a sustainable manner.
When we started talking on longevity during our early years of work people laughed at us and questioned our capabilities and challenged it as an impossible task in India where the average life span is less than the Worlds average life span. With adulteration of dairy and daily staples to highly polluted cities to pesticide farming to unhealthy lifestyle, the word Longevity was a joke to many to understand the need and its possibility.  
Today we are confident to say that our work during these years has evolved and we can make human life to touch 110 to 115 years in India. We dont mean that every individual need to make it 100 or over but living an healthy life through out will help the generation next to learn and explore things better by sharing our knowledge and experiences. Healthy ageing will help us to be productive even in 100's.
Come be a part of our journey in shaping the future for creating a better future. The change we bring in this world will make us live a better life across generations.
To act as a catalyst in invigorating and rekindling the spirit of service in all citizens, bringing about local initiative and encouraging community participation in improving quality of life by adopting sustainable way of living.
Founder's message

Change always provides opportunities, to explore new things and make the difference in others life. At VChangeU we strive to be a change catalyst for a better tomorrow.

Health is most precious resource of human existence, and it requires our investment for enjoying optimal health in the form of Longevity4All framework rather than investing on medical expenses to live a diseased life in hospitals as a way of life.

To me old age is, to become younger by the day.

Vijay Bhasker Yetapu

Preventive Healthcare a way forward for longevity of life
Research into longevity and healthy aging is progressing rapidly with preventive healthcare becoming a primary focus in most countries, and its going through a transformation mode in other countries. As stressful and unhealthy lifestyles have led to a significant increase in the incidence like hypertension, diabetes and cardiac diseases at a much younger age, people are grasping the need to take charge of their health through preventive approach.

Vijay Bhasker Yetapu, has gone a long way in inspiring and motivating youth to act as agents of change in society. His work on longevity is based on simple way of living and it’s a possible solution if everyone adopts such lifestyle. His passion towards social venture is equally motivating.
Mira B. Aghi, Ph.D.
Behavioral Scientist & Communication Expert

There is a limit to what can be learned in our own expertise domain we represent. Vijay Bhasker Yetapu, surprisingly takes us into the practice of healthy living across the life span. His sessions are filled with practical advices learned through the trials, evidence based approaches, scientific, triumphs, mistakes, that everyone will find beneficial.
Rajendrasinh M. Parmar, Executive Officer, GSECL
Where we are:
Hyderabad, India
An initiative by VChangeU
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